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Holly E Hollis 24.02.2021 10:19

I actually own this right now and I was shocked to see it. What is the value of this I figured it was worth quite a bit due to uniqueness and beauty.

Martin Michels 24.02.2021 10:27

Paid 20 euro's (about 20 dollars) for this samurai at a auction

Holly Hollis 24.02.2021 10:21

Sorry I'm actually speaking of the samurai that is in the picture and I did not see anything with a cup of saucer...

Monique Kemper 10.11.2016 15:52

Heel erg bedankt over de uitleg herkomst van mijn kop en schotels. Super dat je ook zo snel reageerde!
Hartelijke groet,
Monique Kemper

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28.10 | 04:30

I have pieces someone told me had the mark of the 3rd Tozan Ito. Is there any way you could look and tell me if this is right, or whose mark it is?

14.08 | 17:28

What is the price ?

20.06 | 16:08

Het kost 2 euro

20.06 | 09:51

Wat kost dit potje?