Japanese Marks Database

About 10 years ago I made 2 MS Access 2007 databases: one database with information of all items which are described in this website, and one database to catalog Japanese signatures, brands and marks (hereinafter referred to as “marks”), which are on or under Japanese pottery. There are now over 4450 marks in that Japanese Marks Database by hundreds of artists, kilns, studios, companies, etc. Apart from the marks, recorded in the database, I also still have about 1500 marks in various stages of editing in a directory on my computer. From marks practically ready to be stored in the database, to marks that I still have to figure out completely or marks I have not yet been able to decipher (yet).
2 Examples of records in the Japanese Marks Database are attached below. The most important is the image of the mark itself, with the Japanese characters next to it, plus the Japanese translation of the characters. Above that, the Japanese and English translation, what kind of pottery it is, from what time and what Japanese period. All other info can be found in the text of the 2 images. 

I am looking  for people who can help me to put this content of the database online in one way or another, preferably in the form of the Gotheborg website:
www.gotheborg.com /marks/20thcenturyjapan.shtml 
If you're able to help me in any way, please contact me using my email:

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28.10 | 04:30

I have pieces someone told me had the mark of the 3rd Tozan Ito. Is there any way you could look and tell me if this is right, or whose mark it is?

14.08 | 17:28

What is the price ?

20.06 | 16:08

Het kost 2 euro

20.06 | 09:51

Wat kost dit potje?